48 Hour Flick Fest


WIFF 48-Hour FlickFest is a fun, spirited event that epitomizes the grit, passion and determination of making films. We invite filmmakers of all levels to take part in this exciting and tireless two-day challenge. Our mission is advancement of your filmmaking skills and promoting the incredibly creative and talented artists in the Windsor/Detroit area.

Put your team together, write your script, shoot your film, edit it, and deliver it on time – all in 48 hours!! Finalists are celebrated at WIFF closing night ceremonies where the Mark Boscariol Best of FlickFest Award is presented. Are you up for the challenge?

The 48-Hour FlickFest…Write, Shoot, Cut, Survive!

Screening of FlickFest films is on November 3rd at 10:30 in the Kelly at the Capitol. Winners will be announced after the screening. Best of FlickFest Audience Choice will be announced with the WIFF 2016 People's Choice Award.

FlickFest Screening Program

“29th Track”

Team 23skidoo!

“Best Worst Day”

Team Trouble


Team Toska Aware


Team Moth Wing Pictures

“Info Station 986”

Team Awesome Possum

“Jerk O’Lantern”

Team Movie Knights

“Jordan Rivers Puts a Needle In His Eye”

Team That Darn Squirrel!

“Please Stand By”

Team Uncanny Visions


Team Game Time Films

“Taking Action”

Team SS Minnow Johnson

“The Greatest Day”

Team Page By Page Productions

“Air Time”

Team Smog Town Films

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