Vision Statement

Exceptional Experiences Through Film

Mission Statement

"WIFF is a cultural, not-for-profit organization that celebrates the art of cinema by showcasing Canadian and International Film and Filmmakers. Through unique programming, education and exhibition, WIFF strengthens and enriches community while promoting the creative economy."

Our Values

DIVERSITY OF PROGRAMMING – increasing the exposure of Canadian and
international film to all audiences and offering programming which appeals to and
is representative of people in our community

EDUCATION – being a vehicle to increase knowledge of film and the film industry
for youth, audiences and the film industry

QUALITY OF LIFE – contributing to the quality of life for Windsor-Essex residents
that comes from having a vibrant arts community

INTEGRITY – developing and nurturing respectful relationships with each other,
our volunteers, audience, partners and the film industry

SUSTAINABILITY – operating under the highest standards that will ensure the
continuance of the festival for years to come

URBAN ARTS COMMUNITY – being part of a cultural hub and vibrant arts
community in the downtown core

WIFF Staff

Executive Director and Chief Programmer: Vincent Georgie

Managing Director: Hayden Freker

Technical Director: Lana Oppen

Director of Public Relations and Communications: Katharen Bortolin

Director of Patron Services: Jen Holson

Directors of Event Operations: Matthew Sabelli and Nathan Parent

Volunteer Directors: Bianca Rivera and Keely Murdock

Data Asset Manager: Maria Cusumano

Social Media Coordinator: Dylan Kristy 

Patron Services Coordinators: Nuha Elalem and Shivani Bhardwaj

Sponsorship Coordinator: Sahar Dawi

Guest Relations Coordinator: Lotus Pupulin

Print Traffic: Alan Bull

Graphic Design and Layout: Dave Houle

WIFF Board Members

·  Marty Beneteau
·  Lysande Bisson
·  Ryan Donally (Vice-Chair)
·  Angela Kaye
·  Mori McIntosh
·  Kim Nelson
·  Jeff O'Brien
·  Pat Papadeas (Secretary)
·  Katharen Bortolin
·  Renée Trombley
·  Lynne Watts (Chair)
·  Martha Winterbottom (Treasurer)

Ambassadors: Mark Boscariol, Nick Cacciato, Peter Coady, Denise Deziel, Debra Henderson, Mike Lesperance, Michael Reboulis, Lou Tortola, Priyanka Philip