Innovative Programming

WIFF is excited to bring some alternative and innovative programming to the 2016 festival! New programming include virtual reality experiences, where users don a headset that allows them to interact with the video or program of their choice. In addition to our regular Midnight Madness screenings, we'll be bringing another cult classic to WIFF patrons this year in the form of a Sound of Music sing along, as well as live reads of Juno and Reservoir Dogs, and a live documentary. 

Virtual Reality Experience

Five Virtual Reality Headsets:

- Artistic Applications

- Social Justice Experience

- Animated Short Film

- Short Films

Hours of Operation:

- Nov 1, 2, 3, 4 Evenings (6:00pm - 10:00pm)

- Nov 5, 6 (Full Days)

Price: $5.00

Midnight Madness

THE ROOM: This cult classic returns for another year in our midnight madness line-up, and is a guaranteed fun time. Audience participation is strongly encouraged during Tommy Wiseau's hilarious romantic drama.

New to Midnight Madness for 2016 are SPACE JAM and MEAN GIRLS, films that have grown their followings even years after their initial releases. These will also be interactive screenings. THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS rounds out our Midnight Madness weekend. 

Be sure to check back for information on our Midnight Madness after party!

Other Interactive Experiences

This year, we're pleased to be bringing the classic film THE SOUND OF MUSIC to our patrons. Offered as a sing-a-long screening, moviegoers will receive a lyric booklet and package. Located at the Chrysler Theatre, audience members are encouraged to join in and sing along, or just enjoy the screening and the fun atmosphere!

Two live read screening of films join our roster at WIFF, where Windsor actors and UWindsor dramatic art students will do a dramatic script reading of RESERVOIR DOGS and JUNO, both located in the Kelly at the Capitol Theatre.

Live Doc: 130 Year Road Trip - Patrons will vote on pre-filmed documentary scenes, and the documentary will be edited through out the festival. Edits will be solely based on the scenes that the audience voted to be the most popular. The first 50 minutes is a “deconstructed doc” with live narration and lived mix music, with clips played live. In Part II, it takes the form of an interactive Q&A with live mixed video and music. The audience won’t vote here but will ask questions in Q&A style. Part III is focused on feedback. The objective is to have the audience shape the creation of the WIFF Documentary. Read about 130 Year Road Trip here, directed by Kim Nelson.