About this project

The Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) is a cultural, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to recognize and celebrate the art of cinema by showcasing Canadian and international films and filmmakers. Through its exhibition, education, and community development programs, WIFF builds audiences for Canadian content and talent, provides training opportunities for emerging filmmakers, and promotes the creative economy of Windsor and Southwestern Ontario.

We wanted to make your experience at the festival better. We wanted to bring in more guests, invest in better equipment, and make your experience more comfortable. We needed more money to do this. Although all of the revenues we make go right back into funding the next festival, by backing our Kickstarter we received the funds needed to improve your experience of the festival!

Who helped us out?

YOU!  The fans, patrons, and fellow film lovers out there!  We have made exciting improvements, and we couldn't have done it without your help.  As a way of saying THANK YOU to some of the most generous doners in our campaign, we'd like to call you out for being a supporter of the arts, community, and the love of great film!

$100 Backers!

  • Don and Kim Janzen
  • Gabi and Don Mumford
  • Anonymous
  • JC Limoges
  • Karen Albu
  • JD and Lana Oppen
  • Mary Serafimovski
  • Anonymous
  • Cathy Masterson
  • Kevin Mulvey
  • Kendall Diemer
  • Bruce Tucker

$50 Backers!

  • Scott and Heather White
  • David HartleyJustin J. Walsh
  • Margaret George
  • Michael J. Diemer
  • Marlyce
  • Debbie McKenzie
  • Kelly Morrissey
  • Trevor Pittman
  • Bev Becker
  • Beth Oakley
  • Helen Rattrey
  • Pat Jeflyn

$25 Backers!

  • Denise Callaghan
  • Mary Beth Marshal
  • W. Austin
  • Frank D'Angelo
  • Sara Grace Donally
  • Marilyn Harvey
  • Sharron McNorton
  • Wendy Hartley
  • Margaret Armstrong
  • JP Hitesman
  • Dawn Warkentin
  • Helen Mady Robinson